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Work has started on improving our Engine Pit.  The pit is an essential part of our Engine Shed Inftrastructure as it allows us to safety go underneath locomotives to oil and check that all is ok.   Our current pit was not long enough to allow easy access under the engine and was a little too deep, so we often had to stand on something to be able to reach all the oiling points on the steam engines, which wasn't too safe.

Thanks to a grant of £9,400 from The Big Lottery Fund we are able to now lengthen the pit, make it a little shallower, add lighting, a water supply and a compressed air supply.  Real luxury compared to how we worked before.

Work is now underway, contracted out to AES Engineering of Hoyland.  The first task was to dig through a huge lump of concrete which was the base of a former lighting tower left over from NCB days, real slow work!   An archaeology inspection was carried out too.  

Come the start of the steam season in April, we will have a much safer environment for our crews to work in - thanks to help from The Big Lottery Fund.