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Elsecar Heritage Railway asked the University of Sheffield to help us with expanding the vision for our business.   We were allocated a great team from the Sheffield School of Architecture.  Their passion, enthusiasm, creative energy, team work and fantastic media and presentation skills brought us a result far exceeding our expectations.

Now in our museum carriage is displayed just some of their work, showing our vision to open up the workshops at Elsecar for public viewing, building a new halt at Hemingfield, with an exciting access route to the colliery, and developing the station and park at Cortonwood.  All these design concepts are aligned to the strategic plan for the railway and show just what is possible with a lot of imagination.

EHR//LIVE is about “The Art Of The Possible”, what could be achieved, not necessarily what will be achieved.  The project shows the fantastic opportunity we have to build on the existing railway infrastructure to tell the story of our heritage, to become a great visitor attraction and to connect with our environment.

The team even went a step further and looked at publicity and merchandising too and came up with some great designs.  We have already adopted some of these on mugs and postcards available in our station shop.

Yes, it will all take time, a lot of money and a great deal of energy to fulfil our vision.  At EHR though we have the passion to take forward these ideas and you see the foundations of the work already in site clearance at Hemingfield, the extension to Cortonwood and the foundations of the Cortonwood park.

Why not pay our Museum Carriage a visit and look at our EHR//Live display?

You can find out more about the EHR//Live team at this link: