Santa FAQs

This is a list of some of our most common questions relating to our Santa Specials. If you have another, please don't hesitate to contact us!

How much is a ticket?

£14 per seat.

What do I get for my money?

Child - a present from Santa, a soft drink and snack treat (like gingerbread biscuit), served at your seat.
Adult - An alcoholic miniature and mince pie, served at your seat.
Santa comes to your seat with his elves to deliver the present to the children. Photo opportunities with Santa and his Elves. Entertainment from the Elves. The train ride is 45 minutes. Reserved seats.

Where does the train go?

Our line is one mile long and you will travel back and forth along it for 45 minutes and return to Elsecar station.

Where do I board the train?

At Elsecar Heritage Railway Station, behind the Heritage Centre in Elsecar. Not the British Rail station near Hoyland!

How early do I have to come?

Do I need to bring my tickets or can I have them on my phone? Printed tickets will be needed on the train. Your tickets will be sent by email if you have one. If you print your tickets out, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time. If you want us to print your tickets out you will need to bring your booking reference, and arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

What do I do when I get to Elsecar?

Park in the public Car Park for the Heritage Centre next to the Market Hotel and make your way through the Heritage Centre to the railway station, at the rear, or down the access road o ff Wath Road at the far end of the Heritage Centre. Please access the station from the road, not over the footbridge, and enter the site through the marquee.

Do I have to reserve a seat - can’t I just turn up on the day?

If we have sold all seats on the train to pre-booked visitors then there will not be any seats available on the day for people who have not booked. If we have spare seats you can pay on the day and join the train, but please arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time. We will not take any more bookings from 10 minutes before the scheduled service departure time.

I don’t have a credit, debit card or Paypal - how can I Pay?

Please visit our station on a Sunday or Wednesday between 11am and 3:30pm and we will take a cash or cheque payment.

When will I know to get on the train and how will I know where to go?

Your ticket will tell you the carriage letter and seat numbers you have reserved. The Station Master will call you to your carriage when it is ready for boarding. Porters will shown were to go to find your seats.

My baby is too young to understand Santa, can they come too?

Yes of course, babies under 1 year old are welcome. If you are holding the baby on your knee and they do not want to receive a present from Santa, then they can travel for free. If you want your baby to receive a present from Santa then a ticket will be needed for your baby.

Can I take my baby’s buggy onboard?

No, sorry we are unable to accommodate buggies onboard, but we have a buggie park on the station and our station team will look after the buggie during your journey.

Can adults come without children?

Yes, you are welcome.

My child has learning difficulties, but loves to see Santa - can they come?

Of course! - Please let us know what age group you would like them included in for a present.

Can I bring my dog?

No, sorry the Santa trains are too busy to accommodate dogs.

Are there facilities for people with difficulties walking?

Our heritage carriages date from the 1950s so are not equipped for easy access. We can reserve seats close to doors for visitors who find walking difficult and our station staff will help you on board. We regret that we are unable to carry wheelchair bound visitors. Wheelchairs and walking aides can be left on the station with our station team who will take care of these during your journey.

I am a vegetarian - are the mince pies etc Veggie?
Can you cater for Vegan or Gluten Free?

Yes - all food is vegetarian. We can cater for other dietary needs if you specify your requirement when booking your tickets.

I do not want Alcohol.

You can ask for a soft drink on the train instead of the alcoholic drink.

Can I have a hot drink?

Hot drinks can be purchased from the station buffet prior to boarding the train.

Will your shop be open?

Yes, the station shop will be open for sale of railway gift items.

Are there toilets on board?

The train has limited toilet facilities. We recommend a visit to the station toilets before boarding.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Baby Change facilities are provided on the station, but not on the train.

Is there a group booking rate?

Yes. We offer a discounted rate to groups buying blocks of 32 seats. 32 seats are half a carriage, being 8 tables or four seats, or four compartments.
The group price for 32 seats is £400 (£12.50 a seat).

What happens if I have to cancel my tickets?

We will be happy to offer a refund up to 48 hours before departure, however we will make a £2.50 administration charge per cancelled ticket. We regret that refunds can not be offered within 48 hours of travel.

Why do I have a ticket with an X seat?

Our compartments (in coach C) are designed for 8 adults. If you wish to hold more than the 8 in there, the 'extra' seats are assigned X numbers. They are not in another part of the train.

When do you stop taking bookings?

Online: We stop at midnight the day before the journey. Eg, for journeys on Saturday 8th, we stop taking bookings at 00:01 on Friday 7th.
On the phone: We stop taking bookings at 12pm on the Friday before. Eg, for journeys on Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th, we stop taking bookings at 12pm Friday 7th.
In person: We will take walk-up bookings up to 10 minutes before the scheduled service departure time - subject to availability.

Can I leave feedback?

We welcome feedback!

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